About us

This page represents the overall insight for the station, its values and inherent plan. It is currently in the realm of a living document as details and ongoing focuses are determined.

WEHO Vibes is a non-profit as in "just for fun" web radio station; -- no talk just tunes --, 70's, 80's, 90's and current dance music -- non-stop 24/7. It is the intention of WEHO Vibes to offer an alternative platform to the dj'ing community via the media of Internet streaming. The goals of this are divided with two areas of focus, the first and most important is the talent, and the other the managerial aspects of station development and listener reach.

“Talent” represents those interested in sharing their passion for dance music in the many genres that are readily available. This may include DJs, labels, record pools or dance-related groups\societies.

“Managerial” represents those focused on technologies and marketing of the station as a whole; being inclusive of all the talent. It also includes the other aspects of daily operations and overall planning.

WEHO Vibes would be considered an alternative platform for the talent for a variety of reasons. It plans to offer viable solutions that are related to the many perceived limitations found within the current web streaming providers. It will be built up giving commitment to a space and operational platform for the talent to express and market their own brand under the umbrella of the station name.

The main idea is to utilize auto-DJ and\or live performances (or combination thereof) for a talent over a given 24-hour period. Commitment of a full day slot will be set at a minimal of one month. What is hoped is that a talent can maximize their exposure and potential global footprint as the station expands its reach with no barriers in relation to time or listener base. WEHO Vibes is located in West Hollywood California and thus uses pacific time for all programing on our servers.

Utilization of auto-DJ will be handled using a set of rules the talent will be informed of prior to making their commitment to the station. If agreement is reached, the general flow will occur as given by the following example. Each talent will supply the station with material that will be played during their given 24-hour time slot. If only two hour long sets are given, then the station will cycle those 12 times to give full coverage for the day unless the talent also plans to play live. Concerted planning and programming on behalf of the talent is up to them (the more sets the less potential for repetition). The station will commit to drafting best approach strategies which may be utilized if desired by the talent.

The talent can explore the potential of marketing tools to use during their weekly broadcast to promote themselves. The station will maintain a user id and call sign (you are listening to xxx on WEHO Vibes) that will be slotted using auto-DJ features.  For labels, record pools or dance-related groups\societies we would draft a simple agreement that would be suitable to both parties. 

Live performances can be optioned by the talent and planned (plus marketed by them for best exposure) as they see fit. A chat room is provided by the station that can be used by the talent and their listeners. It is up to the talent to determine plus notify station of intent of use. "Rules of Conduct" in using this medium to be determined and will be realistic in nature.

Spam marketing tactics will be handled by the talent using their platform(s) of choice. The station will, however, remain spam-free. The station will market the monthly line up and point to the talent for anyone who wants to follow. Keeping the station clean of spam will provide the listeners with a nonintrusive method for gathering programming information. The station takes social marketing seriously and will share the plan to those interested.  

Exclusivity measures will be determined. These will not be unrealistic and will serve both the DJ and the station and only be considered in force (or renewed) monthly (if required). Examples being that live-productions can be posted on distinct mediums immediately after the performance whereas any pre-recorded shows not until the cycle commitment has been completed.  A request by the talent to make any changes to their programing will be be handled by the station and then any removed sets can be posted on other platforms.  Labels, record pools or dance-related groups\societies are not under any exclusivity measures with regards to the station.

A general rotation method will be utilized by the station during non-programmed days.  These times can also be offered to talent that is either just learning or exploring their potential and are looking for a platform to be heard on. An analysis of the merits and faults on the set can be provided for training purposes and offered when requested. We all started somewhere and feedback is the best way to grow. The station is committed to the dance music scene and would enjoy seeing new talent come forward and learn the art of making people dance. The experience of the founders of the station span decades.

The station will provide statistical information upon request for specific show(s).

For Our Consideration


We accept offers from Artists and DJs plus Producers and ReMixers to play your works, song or re-mixes.

If interested, please private message us on Facebook.